Monday, March 31, 2008

Cade and Jace with Baby Meghan

Cade and Jace love their cousin "Baby Meghan." Cade went to his room and picked out his 2 favorite animals to share with Meghan. Cade said he wants to go to the store to "buy a baby." Hmmmmm...if it was only that easy. :)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Boys at The Sand Dunes

The Sand Dunes....the boys favorite place to be...including Brandon. :) Cade thought he was such a big boy on his motorcycle following Daddy and Jace. Cade got his motorcycle (and helmet of course) for Christmas. I have a feeling that Jace will have one waiting under the tree this year for him too. :)

Geez...if I only had would be ballet and dance classes. But with's motorcycles and quads and lots of dangerous hobbies!

Cade The Pirate and Jace The Fire Fighter

These boys love to dress-up!

Best Friends Forever...or at least for now :)

In all my spare time.....

My sister-in-law Tami just started a blog and it inspired me to start one too! I figure that in all of my spare time I have...haha...I can post about all of the exciting adventures of Cade and Jace. :)
Cade is almost 4...I can't believe it! We are busy planning his "Monster Truck" themed Birthday Party. :)
Jace is 2 1/2 and quite the little firecracker! :) They both keep me on my toes!