Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Jace's day at Preschool

Jace and I are in a Parent-Toddler class on Wednesday while Cade is in his Preschool class. Jace loves to go to school...and will love it even more in the Fall when he gets to go without me having to be with him. :)

Today was water day and he had a blast! Here are some fun pictures of Jace at school today...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Family day today....with Daddy too!

Brandon has been working soooo much lately and the kids have really missed hanging out with him. They were so excited to hang out with him today! We went to Firebird Raceway to see some Monster Trucks and the fast boats racing. Then we headed to Carraba's for some lunch. The last stop was the mall to ride the carousel. Now the 3 of them are all playing football...inside the house because it is 92 degrees outside. It was a great day and I know Cade and Jace will be bummed when they wake up in the morning and Brandon is back to work and they are stuck with me again. :) Here are some pictures from our fun day!