Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pool Update

Well the pool is coming along faster than I expected! The plumbers are almost done, the steel guys were here yesterday and the Electricians were here yesterday too. We found a great Electrician. :) Brandon said it is not fun doing your own pool when you know you aren't getting paid for it. :) If the plumbers finish their part today, then it will go for the inspection tomorrow. Then I think concrete is next??

I think our pool will look like Las Vegas at night because Brandon is adding every light and water feature he can think of. He came up to me last night and asked what I thought of adding a fog machine to the pool. I pretty much rolled my eyes and said..."whatever." :)

Here are some pictures from yesterday.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Can I Jump In Now???

Today they came and dug the dirt out for our pool. Cade and Jace were so excited to see the big tractor working hard in our backyard.

When we looked outside the window and saw the big hole, Jace asked me..."Can I jump in now?"

Cade also asked if daddy will come swimming with us tonight when he gets home from work. :) These boys are definitely excited for this pool to be done. :)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Our Backyard.....

This is what our backyard looks like right now. The tractor just left hauling away all of the concrete we had. They will start digging next week. We are building a pool! Cade is the most excited and asks at least 10 times a day if it is ready yet. Brandon said it should take about 2 months. We are super excited about it. It will have a spa and rock water slide. I am excited about it having a heater...and cooler on it so we can control the water temperature all year! It will also have all of the latest lights and gadgets on it because we know an Electrician. ;) I know we will be spending lots of time in it with Cade and Jace...our little fish.

To answer some questions....YES OF COURSE WE WILL HAVE A POOL FENCE AROUND THE POOL. We will also have our back door installed with the special locks and handles to keep Cade and Jace safe.

I will keep posting pics of the progress of the pool.

Fun Times Bowling on a Friday Night!

Last night we went to Oregano's (YUM) with my sister. Then we went bowling. It was Cade and Jace's first time bowling. Cade LOVED it and did better then me! Jace had fn too, but needed a little help getting the ball down the lane. :) It was lots of fun and we will have to do it more often! Brandon is definitely competitive and kept blaming the bumpers on his mistakes. :) Don't tell him I told you this...but my sister beat him. :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cade and Jace...Buddies

I have to say that I am pretty lucky. For the most part, Cade and Jace get along so well. They really are best friends. :) I hope it stays like that forever!
Also...I get asked on a daily basis if they are twins. EVERYWHERE I go! I never noticed how much they really look alike until I looked at these pictures. Jace might catch up to Cade soon! :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Our 4th Of July Weekend at The Kierland Resort

We spent 3 wonderful nights at the Westin Kierland Resort for the July 4th weekend. Cade and Jace absolutely LOVE hotels and swimming...and hanging out with it was a great weekend!!!

We had so much fun! The kids (and Brandon and I) did not want to leave. Cade is ready to plan our next vacation. :)

We ate so much yummy food and had so much fun swimming. We had a view of the pool from our room, so even when we weren't swimming, we could watch everyone else at the pool.

Cade and Jace fell asleep before the fireworks on Friday, but Brandon and I could see a perfect view of them from the balcony of our room.

It was such a fun family weekend and I can't wait to do it again!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Jace the Chocolate Cookie Monster

Jace and I were at the grocery store today while Cade was at Preschool. I let Jace pick out a snack. Of course he picks chocolate cookies with sprinkles. 2 of his favorite things in the world.

When we get home, I let him have a cookie. He finds an empty box, sits in it, and starts eating his cookie. Crazy kid.

About a 1/2 hour later, I am in another room and I hear one of the kitchen chairs being dragged accross the tile in the kitchen. I just roll my eyes and ignore it. After a couple of minutes I go and check on Jace and I find him sitting in the living room with the box of cookies. Thank goodness he is a slow eater and only ate one before I found him!