Monday, August 24, 2009

Jace Starts His New Preschool

Jace started at a new preschool this year. My sister-in-law Tami suggested someone she knew that was starting an in-home preschool. It is so much closer to our house then Desert Sun was. Jace absolutely LOVES it there!!! His teacher is so sweet and he is learning so much! He is sad that he only has school 3 days a week. He wants to go to school every day like Cade. :)
Cade is still adjusting to Kindergarten...but it is getting better. He is only sad when I drop him off in the morning at school, but gets over it quick. :) Thank goodness!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cade Starts Kindergarten

Well I can't believe my baby is now 5! Cade started Kindergarten on Wednesday August 12th. He was very excited! When I dropped him off and we got in the classroom, he looked a little nervous, but there were no tears when I left. Around 11 am, his teacher left a message saying that Cade was upset. I called back and left a message, but she didn't call back. When I went to pick him up, she said that he had a sad morning, but he was fine at lunch and in the afternoon. When I went to drop him off on Thursday, he was crying. I got a phone call at 11 saying that I should go and get him. When I got there he seemed fine, but his teacher said he was sad so it was best he went home. I was NOT happy with that decision that she made. He pretty much cried and got his way. I called her that afternooon and told her that I was not going to go and get him again early. He needed to learn that he had to stay the entire day. Hie reason for crying at school when I asked him...he missed me too much and the day was too long! Well on Friday there were tears again when I dropped him off, but I went and had lunch with him and he was happy! His teacher said he had a good morning. When I went to pick him up in the afternoon, he had a note from his teacher that said he had an AWESOME afternoon. YAY! I hope it gets better next week. He says he likes school now and is ready to go back on Monday. I hope he means it. :)