Monday, January 19, 2009

Swimming in Arizona in January

Yesterday the high was about 75 degrees here. I asked Brandon to heat up the pool so he could take the kids swimming. The pool started out at 54 degrees and 3 hours later is was 87 degrees. The kids had a blast swimming and going down the slide.
I told Brandon we need to do this more often so Cade doesn't forget how to swim and Jace can learn how to swim. :)

Yep...I am a Bandwagon Fan of the Cardinals!!!

What can I say?? I was never a big fan of football...until yesterday! I was watching the Cardinals game with Brandon and it was really exciting!
As soon as it was over...I went online and ordered myself a Larry Fitzgerald #11 jersey. In pink and white of course! ;)
It is really exciting that the Cardinals are going to the Superbowl!!!
Brandon has been looking at tickets to try and go to the game. I told him that the price for him to go to the Superbowl would be the same for a family trip to Hawaii...hmmmm...I hope he makes the right choice. LOL!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Are You Ready For Some Football

Brandon got tickets to the Cardinals game yesterday so he took Cade with him. Jace stayed home with me and we had a relaxing day of watching Incredibles and Cars. I did get to sneak in a couple of my shows while Jace took a nap. ;)

New Toy Fun

Here are a couple of pictures of Cade and Jace enjoying their new toys.

Jace Without A Nap

Jace is still a daily napper. A couple of weeks ago he missed his nap and was so tired that he fell asleep on the floor in the kitchen!

Christmas Morning

The kids were super excited to wake up Christmas morning and see the living room filled with toys. They were excited about every single toy they opened so that made me happy. :) All of my hard work shopping...I mean Santa's hard work shopping...was worth it. :)
One of the favorite toys was the big castle that they got. Cade also tells me every day that he LOVES his Razor Scooter.
It was a great Christmas but I am glad we have a year to recover until the next one. ;)

The Night Before Christmas

My sister was the lucky elf that got to wrap ALL of the kids Christmas presents this year. She kept them at her house so the kids would not find them before Christmas. She brought them over Christmas Eve. When Brandon saw the office FILLED with all of the wrapped toys, he almost had a heart-attack! I told him that I got great deals and could not help it. ;) He is also guilty of spoiling Cade and Jace so he was happy to put out all of the toys under the tree. :)

Making Chocolate Covered Pretzels for Santa

Cade and Jace LOVE making (and eating) chocolate covered pretzels...with sprinkles. That is what they wanted to make for Santa.
They had so much fun and loved taste-testing them along the way. They were also super excited to see that Santa ate all of the pretzels they made him and left them a Thank you note. :)

Brotherly Love and Best Friends

Cade and Jace are always telling eachother that they are best friends and how much they love each other. I figure that I better catch some proof of it so I can show them when they get older and start beating each other up. ;)