Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cade and Jace at Swimming Lessons

Cade and Jace got to have swimming lessons together today with Teacher Kathi! They were so excited to have lessons together. (usually they are seperate) Jace thinks he knows how to swim just like Cade. He is really trying! Cade is a fish swimming all over the place! Here are some pictures from yesterday!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

How we are spending the HOT summer days inside...

Well it has been around 113 degrees here lately, so we have been spending lots of time inside the house. Cade got a bounce house for his Birthday, so we try and put that up inside so the boys can get some of their energy out. :)

Here are some pictures from this morning...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Are you SURE daddy isn't going to work today?

Brandon had the day off yesterday....(which is rare for a Saturday) and Cade and Jace kept asking..."are you sure daddy doesn't have to go to work?" They really didn't believe us when we said that daddy has tomorrow off too. (Meaning today)

We went to the Big Boys and their Toys Expo yesterday and the kids were in heaven! Big trucks, tractors, rhinos, sandrails, boats, camping trailers, etc. Cade kept saying...."it would be really cool if we bought this." If it were up to him we would have left there with many new toys. :)

We then headed to Bass Pro Shop and the kids got to feed the fish they have there. It must be a boy thing because they think that place is as exciting as the zoo!

Last night we took the kids swimming. I am the one that takes them to swimming lessons weekly and swimming a couple times a week. It was nice that Brandon got to see that all of his money on swim lessons is paying off. Cade is a little fish and swims all over the place. He even does butterfly and backstroke. Future swimmer like his mom, maybe? :) Jace "thinks" he knows how to swim so we have to stay on top of him like crazy. He is doing great too....just needs to learn how to breathe when he needs a breath! Minor details of swimming...

Today will be another fun day with daddy so I will try and post some pictures of today later.