Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Cowboy and The Doctor

I just had to post these pictures of Cade and Jace dressing up!

The Boys Swimming

Here are some pictures of Brandon and the boys swimming. We have pretty much been in the pool every day that we can. I can't take pictures too often because if it is just me and the kids swimming, I leave the camera inside.

But I got a chance to take some fun pictures last night when they were swimming and today!
Cade is such a daredevil and loves to jump off the rock into the pool!

Palm Springs

Last week the kids and I went to Palm Springs with my mom. She had to go for work, so we tagged along. The weather was HOT and I couldn't fit my double stroller in my car, so that stopped up from walking around outside exploring the town. :)

But there was a Wal-Mart about 10 miles away, so we went there a few times and I let the kids pick out a toy so that hanging out at the hotel would be a little more tolerable. :)

Cade and Jace love hotels so they had a great time. They thought it was cool that they had some of the same TV shows at the hotel that we have here at home. :)

It was nice to have a break from cooking dinner and doing laundry every day. :) But I did have to hear Brandon whine every night I talked to him. He said he was either eating frozen taquitos or nothing every night. Boohoo! I reminded him that he had two hands and he could go and get food himself or make his own food at home....what a concept!!! Of course I also had to rub it in to him that I had some delicious sushi 2 nights that we were there. :)

Maybe the kids and I need to vacation more often and leave Brandon at home. ;)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Time to Go Home

On Saturday, we headed back. Of course Cade and Jace wanted to stay at the hotel forever. We had breakfast one last time in the restaurant downstairs, and then headed home.

Of course as soon as we got home Cade asked to go swimming in our pool. :) So we went!

Dinner at Ruth's Chris...with Cade and Jace

Well I am not sure what we were thinking taking 2 kids to Ruth's Chris....but we did. Ruth's Chris was in the parking lot of our hotel. Brandon was drooling every time we passed it.

So we decided to be brave and go. Our reservation was at 6:45...a little close to bedtime, but we thought we would try. Let's not forget to add that we were not dressed in your typical Ruth's Chris attire. But they let us in anyway.

Cade and Jace loved the bread. That is all they ate. We did have a little accident of Coke spilling all over the white tablecloth. Ooops. Other than that, and our kids voices echoing throughout the entire was a pretty successful dining experience. :) Jace, of course, fell asleep in the booth. :)
Would we ever spend $180 on a dinner with 2 kids again....nope. Next time we go back to Ruth's Chris, it will be adults only. :)

Final Pictures of Friday at Disneyland

Here are the last pictures of our fun at Disneyland!

More Fun on Friday!

More fun on Friday!

Friday...Another Disneyland Day

Friday was our last day to spend at Disneyland. We had so much fun!

PF Changs fun for Jace's Birthday Dinner

We went to PF Changs for Jace's Birthday. He got a yummy chocolate dessert and even got to blow out a candle!

Bowling Fun

We found an awesome bowling alley in a place that was by our hotel called Garden Walk. ( I think that is what it was called) There were a few shops there and some restaurants and a bowling alley.

This was not your usual bowling alley. It was the fanciest bowling alley we have ever seen! Of course we did not have socks with us, but it didn't matter, a new pair of socks came with your shoes. Then they fit you for a bowling ball that would suit you best. Too funny! Something that we were very impressed with was that they had it set up that when Cade and Jace's turn to bowl came up, the gutters automatically came up. Then when Brandon and I bowled they went down. Too cool! I am not sure if any bowling alleys here do that, but if they do, I want to find them!!

We also had our own waitress that stood there getting whatever we needed for us. Cade could have played all day! I told Brandon I should see if I could get him in a bowling league here. :) He can practice on the Wii. :)

Our Beach Trip come to an End

Well we weren't at the beach very long because a big wave came in and knocked Jace over and he was soaked!! And freezing!! I had extra clothes for him in the car but we decided to leave anyways. We hosed Jace off and then he immediately tripped over some steps and fell flat on the concrete. His ankle was cut and bleeding, but that was it..thank goodness!

Only would Jace have this kind of luck on his Birthday!

More Pics from the Beach

More beach pictures that I love!

More Beach Pictures

I love these pictures. I think they will look so awesome if I get them blown up in black and white!!!!

Fun at the Beach on Thursday...Jace's Birthday

We decided to take a day off from Disneyland and head to Laguna Beach. First we had breakfast in Laguna Beach and then headed over to the beach. Cade kept asking if he could go swimming. The water was 68 degrees. But I bet he would have went swimming if we would have let him!