Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall Break In Las Vegas

When we asked the kids where they wanted to go for a little family trip over Fall Break, they both said the same thing..."LAS VEGAS." The kids LOVE Las Vegas! So the kids won and we went on a trip to Las Vegas with the kids, myself, my sister, and Brandon. Other than Jace getting sick on the trip, and then me getting sick on the trip...and then Cade getting sick when we got back and me still trying to get over the flu...it was a fun trip. :) We are hoping that it was the swine flu we all had and now we are are free from getting it the rest of the season. :)

We stayed at the Luxor again. It is so convenient to stay there because there are 2 hotels that are connected to it, so it gives us lots of options with the kids. We played at the arcade games a bunch of times and walked the strip one day. We went and saw the shark reef and the lions. Cade was even happy when we were in the hotel room and he was throwing around the football with Brandon. It doesn't take much to please them, so that is nice. :)

I am sure we will head back to Vegas again next year sometime. Hopefully we can all stay healthy on that trip. ;)


♥Tami said...

Yay! A new post! Looks like you guys had fun! I don't see any pics of your sister, did she really go with you?

adailyscoopofchaos said...

Hi Krystal, its Jen(facebook)...I love Vegas, how fun that your boys love it. That really sucks that you guys got sick on your vacation, hope your feeling better now :)
Love the pics!